Whether you’ve lived on the Westside for years or are a frequent visitor, you’ve probably noticed the area is changing at a rapid speed. From new real estate development boasting housing and the hottest new restaurants, to street improvements making Howell Mill a bit more bearable, the area is buzzing with energy.

The Upper Westside Improvement District is a relatively new government entity focused on delivering infrastructure improvements, beautification, and public safety services to the area.  Westside commercial proprietors fund the CID (Community Improvement District) – which allows for the aforementioned improvement projects and helps make the area competitive with its neighbors.

The most recent win for the Upper Westside Improvement District was designation of the corner of Northside Drive and 17th Street  as a public green space. It officially opened to the public December 2, 2018 and has since won a Park Pride Grant which will support ongoing enhancements. For instance, hammocks and slack-line posts will be installed in the next few weeks.

Credit: Upper Westside Improvement District

If you haven’t visited the new park, make sure to check it out soon; even if you’re not into ’slacking,’ the park has an incredible view of the Atlanta skyline! Below are a few more reasons to visit Atlanta’s newest green space:

May 18 | 12 PM – 8 PM – The Trust for Public Land is hosting “Your Land on Tap” pop-up beer garden.

Jun 9th | 12 PM – 8 PM Cross-City Streets Alive. The biggest ride yet – combining Dekalb Ave and Howell Mill. Grab your bikes and some friends for a fun bike ride to Decatur.  The event is free and for all ages.

— Here are a few other exciting projects rolling out soon — 

Fellini’s Sidewalk improvements to begin the first week of May. The driveway is being narrowed, a curb is being installed and a new sidewalk will be poured which will fix the huge pothole that’s there now!

The Howell Mill Complete Street Project made the list of finalists for RENEW funding, and should be starting ROW acquisition soon. Plans include a raised bike lane and signalization synchronization.

Design plans and permitting are underway for a Pocket Park at Brady and Howell Mill.  The park will be located near West Egg and provide more tree cover, ample seating, and bike racks.

All of this helpful information was provided by friends at the Upper Westside Improvement District Stay tuned for more Westside updates coming soon!

Sarah Jane Mann is an urban planner at Cooper Carry and a longtime member of Atlanta Westside.

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