Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church

Misconduct Policy Summary and Options

This is a summary of the AWPC Misconduct Policy made to assist members and visitors in understanding their options for reporting. Read the full Policy here.

————If you are in immediate danger, being threatened, stalked, or assaulted, call 911.————

Get Support

If you’ve experienced troubling conduct, you may find it helpful to process your thoughts by talking it over. Even though the incident is not your fault, the violation can leave with you with a complex range of emotions from frustration and stress to anger and depression.

As you decide about next steps, make sure you are tending to yourself and seeking wise and Godly counsel from others. Others can assist you in determining if you would like to make a formal complaint or seek informal resolution. If you’d like to speak with a counselor but don’t know who to contact, Woonny Kim can help refer you to a counselor. You can also apply for a counseling scholarship to support the costs.


File a Formal Complaint

WHAT IS MISCONDUCT? Misconduct is discrimination, harassment, or other actions by AWPC employees, elected or appointed officers, and recognized volunteer leaders that occur at AWPC facilities or off-site ministry locations. These actions are inappropriate for a setting that seeks to promote an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity and could include physical, spiritual, or emotional misconduct or abuse. AWPC has a zero-tolerance policy for such conduct and will investigate all reports under the Policy promptly and robustly.

HOW DO I REPORT MISCONDUCT? WHAT HAPPENS? While AWPC members seek to resolve conflict with each other biblically in accordance with our Membership Handshake Vows, AWPC recognizes that individuals who experience misconduct may not be able to safely address misconduct with another person. Therefore, to report misconduct covered by the Policy through the formal complaint process, please contact one of the designated contact persons listed below:

Michael Phillips | Katie Kopp

Upon a report of any misconduct, the contact person (above) that receives the report will notify the Clerk or Moderator of the AWPC Session which will begin an investigatory process. If the misconduct reported is Sexual Misconduct, the AWPC Session will engage an Outside Agency to conduct the investigation. All other reports of misconduct will be investigated by a subcommittee of the Session.

Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process except when inconsistent with the law or resolution of the grievance (e.g., the accused must be made aware of the complaint so that he/she can respond).

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