Single 101

I’m not sure where I thought I’d be at 38, but I can tell you where I was sure I would not be: single. Like, really single. As in, it’s not even complicated, single.

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New Developments On The Westside

Whether you’ve lived on the Westside for years or are a frequent visitor, you’ve probably noticed the area is buzzing with energy. 

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Dust, Death and Discipleship

Dust, Death and Discipleship An Invitation to a Lenten Journey So what is Ash Wednesday and why have a worship…

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Baptism FAQ

What is the meaning of baptism? The Christian practice of baptism was adapted from Jewish purification rituals, so it most…

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An Ebenezer Prayer for Westside

Atlanta Westside stands at an Ebenezer moment in our life together, so it seems fitting to offer an Ebenezer prayer for our Body.

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Welcome to AWPC’s Media Page

Let us tell you a bit about AWPC’s brand new media page – home to all of our future content.

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