Lettering Your Legacy

9 April 2020
Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Dear Westsiders,

I am Walter’s mama, virtually and gladly a part of your soulful community. So here’s a letter about letters.

Legacy letters are love letters to those who matter most about what matters most, and they have become a part of estate planning for grandparents, great-uncles and great-aunts. We write these letters by hand to encourage the younger generation, to be given when we head to heaven… or any day beforehand.

But wait! We are all feeling mortal today, young and old.

“So, young or youngish one, why don’t you today (certainly the best day) write a legacy letter to someone you care a lot for–older or younger than you–kin or not?”

One handwritten page is a gracious plenty. Maybe make this a habit on homebound days, to anyone in your loving circle. If you want to share it now, make a copy for later (these people lose things). Then mail it.

After all, the only true things that will outlive you and me are our stories and their significance, our love and our prayers. Oh YES, prayers!

You might write to your parents (I know you are on their hearts), your nephew, your teenager, your truest friend, your sister… your grands and greats.

In one messy page tell that dear person things like this:

Why I love you
My clearest memory of you
What I respect in you
What matters most to me
My heartiest prayer for you

Need prompts and patterns and good reasons? Check the links, or text me at 423-645-4581.

I am praying heartily that you will write today. It could be life-giving!

Under the Mercy,

Jane Henegar

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