Redemptive Unity

Redemptive Unity is how we describe what is often labeled racial reconciliation, but with explicit grounding in the Gospel.

Tearing Down Barriers

The essence of the Gospel involves tearing down barriers – first between God and people, and then between different groups of people. Redemptive Unity, therefore, seeks more than numerical diversity in Sunday morning worship. Rather, it seeks to build a community knit together by deep, genuine relationships that boldly cross ethnic, cultural and economic lines.

Take a Step Forward

Our church’s particular purpose is “to embody and preview the kingdom of God from Buckhead to Bankhead.” Because these two areas of our parish have long been divided ethnically, economically and culturally, we believe Redemptive Unity is an explicit and deliberate part of how we pursue our purpose.

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Bible Studies

Bible Studies equip women and men with tools to make studying the Bible a transforming, lifelong pursuit. Most of our Bible studies are open to anyone, including those who currently attend Westside, those who are exploring the Christian faith, and those who are without a home church. The more time we spend with Jesus in his Word, the better we will know and love him.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality is a discipleship curriculum that uses key biblical themes to integrate emotional health with spiritual maturity. EHS will help you discover a slowed-down life and cultivate a deep, personal relationship with Jesus.


Quads are in-depth discipleship groups of four people who commit to met weekly for a year. Quads are built on what the Bible teaches about how Christians grow, with a trajectory toward becoming more effective instruments of God’s love in the lives of others. Because of the limited number of trained leaders, Quads are only for Westside members who have attended the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course.