Westside Kids Director

Atlanta Westside is thrilled to hire for the role of Westside Kids Director!

As Westside Kids Director, you will have the opportunity to develop and implement a clear vision and mission for our children’s ministry. Your goal will be to create a vibrant and lasting community that embraces grace, service, and togetherness. With the support of our dedicated adult leaders, you will make a profound impact on the lives of our children. Join us as we build a place where children can thrive and grow in a nurturing, welcoming, Christ-centered environment.

Assistant Pastor, Director of Pastoral Care

As Assistant Pastor, Director of Pastoral Care, this role provides primary leadership for Westside’s pastoral care aligned with the vision and values of the church. It includes strengthening a culture of care, as well as directing and equipping various lay leader involvement such as the Care Advisors and Deacons. The role provides oversight of the membership process and assimilation of new members, and discipleship leadership with a particular focus on men.

Discipleship and Care Coordinator

We’re looking for a dedicated Discipleship and Care Coordinator to join our team. You’ll work alongside our Director of Discipleship and Director of Pastoral Care, supporting our discipleship and care ministries. Your administrative skills and compassionate nature will help create transformative experiences for our church community. Join us at Westside and make a meaningful impact!

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