Bible Studies

Bible Studies equip women and men with tools to make studying the Bible a transforming, lifelong pursuit. Most of our Bible studies are open to anyone, including those who currently attend Westside, those who are exploring the Christian faith, and those who are without a home church. The more time we spend with Jesus in his Word, the better we will know and love him.

Foundations Workshop

Foundations Workshop is a three-week, co-ed workshop where we will explore the foundations of growing as a Christian through the Bible, prayer, and community. This is both a great introduction on how to grow as a Christian as well as a way to strengthen your foundation as you continue to grow. You will also understand how Westside weaves these three foundations into everything we do.


Quads are in-depth discipleship groups of four people who commit to met weekly for a year. Quads are built on what the Bible teaches about how Christians grow, with a trajectory toward becoming more effective instruments of God’s love in the lives of others. Because of the limited number of trained leaders, Quads are only for Westside members who have attended the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course.

Grace Groups

Do you want to grow in understanding how to love and follow Jesus in community? Do you miss knowing and being known by others? “Grace Groups” are men and women discipleship groups. Each group lesson features teaching from Scripture, a short article to read together, and discussion questions. Have you already completed one semester of a Grace Group? If so, you can still sign-up below for a second semester.
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