Bible Studies

Bible Studies equip women and men with tools to make studying the Bible a transforming, lifelong pursuit. Most of our Bible studies are open to anyone, including those who currently attend Westside, those who are exploring the Christian faith, and those who are without a home church. The more time we spend with Jesus in his Word, the better we will know and love him.

Sign-ups for a morning or evening study, coming soon.

Grace Groups

We want to help you grow in understanding how to love and follow Jesus in community. Grace Groups are discipleship groups that meet on a weekly basis, featuring teaching from Scripture, a short article to read together and discussion questions taken from the book Gospel Centered Life.

Sign up if you are interested in joining! The next groups start in February 2024.


Quads are in-depth discipleship groups of four people who commit to met weekly for a year. Quads are built on what the Bible teaches about how Christians grow, with a trajectory toward becoming more effective instruments of God’s love in the lives of others. Because of the limited number of trained leaders, Quads are only for Westside members who have attended the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course.

Community Groups

Fostering friendship through gospel-centered discussion, prayer and fellowship.

Community groups are our primary avenue for building relational connections and providing spiritual care. All groups meet on the Westside, but they are always open to members, attenders and guests, no matter where you live. If you are looking to get to know others in the church, sign up below for a community group that fits you and your availability.

Got Questions?

Read our Westside Community Group FAQ or email our CG staff.

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Why Membership?

Most people today think of membership as an empty formality, like joining a club or association. At Westside, we believe it’s impossible to follow the Bible’s teaching without it. In fact, the New Testament teaches that every believing Christian is already a member, or “body part” of the wider Body of Christ.

Formal church membership makes your relationship to a local body explicit, including commitments that you make to the church, and commitments that church leaders make to you. To read a fuller argument for membership, check out this article written by our senior pastor.

What about Baptism?

We believe baptism is God's sign that a person is included among the people of God. As such, we will baptize new believers who have never been baptized, as well as the children of believers who are raised in the church. Baptism is an act of obedience to Jesus' command, but it does not guarantee anyone's salvation. For more information, check out our Baptism FAQ page.

Westside 101

If you’re interested in membership or just curious about our church, we encourage you to attend our Westside 101 seminar, which we offer regularly throughout the year. It is not a requirement for membership, but it will help you set healthy expectations if you do join.

How Do I Join?

Members don’t have to agree with every doctrinal position of our church. You just have to believe some basic truths of the Christian faith and agree to some basic commitments about being a member. To confirm that you do, our church administrator will set up a meeting with you and two of our elders to talk about your faith and begin to get to know you. During this conversation, they will make sure you understand and personally agree with our denomination’s five membership vows, along with our three “handshake vows.” 

If you have questions please contact us.


Do You Need Care?

Like Urgent Care for Your Soul. With medical care, sometimes you know you need attention, but you’re not sure what kind. Family doctor? Emergency room? A specialist? That’s when a trip to a local urgent care facility just might help. Sometimes that’s all the help you need. Sometimes they’ll help you figure out what to do next.

We can feel that way with our souls, too. We know we need soul care but aren’t sure where to turn.

Care Advisors are ordinary Christians who want to help. They are volunteers here to offer you short-term care for many of life’s common issues by means of biblical perspective, practical direction, empathic listening, and prayer. Care Advisors are not professional counselors or pastors, and might not be able to address everything, but they’re a great place to start.

Sometimes that’s all the help you need. Sometimes they’ll help you figure out what to do next.

If you find yourself struggling with life, faith, relationships, or any number of things, please fill out a Care Request Form and we’ll connect you with a Care Advisor.


Atlanta Westside’s benevolence ministry, or financial assistance ministry, exists to live out the good news of Jesus by holistically and practically assisting and encouraging our members and neighbors from Buckhead to Bankhead.

Our church first seeks to shepherd and care for its members and does not generally provide immediate, individual assistance to those who do not have an ongoing relationship with our church. See our benevolence policy for more information.

Christian Counseling

Westside Church believes in the value of Christian counseling, both in the interactions within the Body and through professionals. As such, Westside has allowed three professional counselors to lease space in the church in order to support our community and operate their business.

These counselors can also connect you with other mental health professionals and services in the Atlanta area. You are welcome to contact them directly with any questions and they would be happy to assist you. Their practices are independent; they are not operated in any way by the church (although Christie and Mecall are Westside members and Tim often preaches at Westside).

If finances are keeping you from seeing a counselor, we would love to get you started. Apply for a Counseling Subsidy request. 

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Christie Pettit

Christie Pettit, MTS, MA, is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in
the integration of psychology and theology into wellness care and counseling for
caregivers (those working in emotionally demanding professions, such as
counseling, social work, ministry, parents).

Mecall Pearson

Mecall Pearson, MA is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been in practice
for 13 years. Her work focuses on the integration of psychology and theology with
individual adults and couples in the areas of premarital, marital, and sex therapy;
anxiety and depression; life transitions; and spiritual formation, among others.

Tim Lane & Associates

Tim Lane, M.Div, D.Min. Counseling. Tim has been in pastoral ministry and counseling for over 30 years. His approach is holistic in that he engages both the study of theology and psychology to help those he counsels. Tim enjoys working with individuals, as well as couples.

    • Website
    • Email
    • Tim has in-person consultations in Peachtree City, and is also available on Zoom.